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8+ Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

When it comes to ping pong paddles, they are not the same; they can determine whether you’ll have a loss or a win. A ping pong paddle is also known as a table tennis racket officially. Currently, there are hundreds of table tennis rackets in the market, choosing one can be overwhelming even if you’re […]

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8 Best Table Tennis Robots of 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

Practice makes perfect is not an exception to ping pong. However, getting a partner whom you can rely on for training, through consistent play or shots can be difficult. It’s in such cases where ping pong tennis robots come into play. Ping pong tennis robots are interactive machines that fireballs across the table to the […]

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8 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

Ping pong is an excellent way of getting closer to your family, friends, coworkers and even for shedding a few pounds. The game helps in increasing your reflexes, concentration, and allowing you to have fun in the process. You will require a ping pong table whether you’re playing for entertainment or competitive games. Ping pong […]

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Different Types Of Table Tennis Grips

The first thing you must take into consideration while participating in any sport or playing any game is the skills. This is because it determines the strategies and techniques you would use to win the game. If you are playing a game of table tennis, one of those things that would decide if you would […]

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9 Table Tennis Tips Help You Become An Expert

Do you just enjoy playing table tennis? Are you on your way to become a professional table tennis player? If the answer is yes, then you must always strive to improve your game. Table tennis is a technical yet enjoyable game that takes excellent reflex, endurance, and skill. You need to develop all of these […]

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