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A List of College Football Sexual Assault Investigations and Cases

[LAST UPDATES: July 25, 2016] The following list is incomplete but I am trying to create as comprehensive list as I can. In December 2015, I wrote a piece for Broadly about why I keep this list and how it all started. There is something about seeing a list like this and visually taking this in, I […]

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Quick Thoughts On NFL’s New Domestic Violence Policy

Today, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, dropped a lengthy letter in which he admitted that he messed up when he only gave Ray Rice a 2-game suspension for domestic violence and he outlined 6 new policies that the NFL will implement regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. My quick thoughts: Everyone should read the entire letter before forming opinions about […]

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“We Don’t Need Your Permission”

Earlier today, Vanderbilt Football’s Twitter account tweeted this: I wrote an email to two communications people in Vandy’s athletics department soon after seeing this that read: I am a reporter who spent six months prepping and writing a feature on the case of Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey for Sports Illustrated. I say that to […]

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