How Much A Bowling Ball Weighs [Updated 2019]

Bowling balls have different weights, from 6 to 16 pounds. Therefore, it’s imperative that know how much a bowling ball weight if you don’t want to deal with several back pain among several potential health risks.

Here’s a guide to ensure you pick the perfect bowling ball for your next game.


Most bowling balls either come in a light or heavy weight. Heavier bowling balls tend to make your ball inconsistent or inaccurate especially if you are a beginner. It is advisable to choose the heaviest weight of the ball you can handle. This is because handling a ball heavier than your weight can cause injury for you.

Meanwhile, a heavier ball adds more force to your throw thereby making the outcome of the game what you really want. The heaviest bowling ball weight is 16 Ibs. So, that means you are choosing base on the weight of your body. If you weigh 24 pounds, then a bowling ball with a weight of 2.4 pounds is not too bad for you.

Although heavier bowling balls are the most suitable for professional, a beginner who has a huge body weight can also try it out. But the most important thing is that the bowling ball must be in its best balance in your hand. If you discoverer otherwise, it is advisable to go for lighter bowling balls. Even though both sexes can use a heavier bowling ball, the weight which is used most times varies from one gender to another.

For instance, men who play this game tend to use the weight which ranges between 14-16 pounds, while women use 10-14 pounds. In essence, heavier bowling balls might look attractive to you because they help to knock down many balls to your wish, yet it is important to know that a heavier bowling ball can cause discomfort and injury if you can handle it perfectly.


An alternative weight to the heavier weight balls is the lighter balls. A lighter bowling ball is an ideal one for beginners or most time young children who take an interest in playing a bowling ball. This ball weight tends to be safer and comfortable compared to heavier bowling balls. Likewise, you get to enjoy your game with easiness and little stress.

Meanwhile, it does not really add more force to your game, and you may end up not knocking down the number of pins you wish to. Lighter bowling balls range from 6 to 12 pounds. For children, their age determines the weight of their balls.

For example, a six-year-old boy would be able to handle perfectly a 6 pounds bowling ball, and a seven-year-old girl would be able to handle a ball between 6-7 pounds. If it is discovered that a young boy or a girl of 12 years old can handle a lighter ball of 12 pounds which is the highest bowling ball, then the child could start playing with professional balls of low or medium weight as a start.

Most players do not like to use a lighter ball especially when they play with their peers, and they want to show off skill. This most times cause one trouble or the other for the player. Another thing to know is that playing with a lighter ball does not make you an amateur as a professional who is recovering from injury could use it to prepare. In essence, lighter balls are the best option for children or bowlers who are just coming into the game.