How To Choose the Right Bowling Ball [Updated 2019]

Choosing the best bowling ball is not an easy task and require understanding a number of important factors before deciding to purchase one.

Thus, here’s a list of important factors to keep in mind to ensure you bought the right bowling ball for your needs.


Choosing the right bowling ball begins with choosing the right weight of a bowling ball. A bowling ball comes in a heavyweight and a lightweight form. The heavyweight bowling ball most of the times looks difficulty in handling and might make the game of a beginner look poor, while the lightweight bowling ball looks flexible and easy to handle but lacks the adequate force to play your game perfectly.

To determine the best ball for your game, you need to know how powerful you can handle a ball or the weight of your body. For instance, a person with a body weight of 10 pounds would be able to handle a 1 pound ball correctly, while a player with a body weight of 120 pounds would be able to handle a ball weight between the range of 12-14 pounds.

Meanwhile, the balance of the ball on your hand is also crucial to your game success. A ball should not put you off balance has this might cause a lot of damages to your game. In essence, choosing the right bowling ball might look confusing to you, but you should always try to go for the ball with adequate comfort for you. This will help you not only to enjoy your game but would also prevent from getting injured while playing.

Coverstock Material

Another factor that would help you to choose the right bowling ball is the coverstock material in which the ball is made. Coverstock is material outside the ball in which the ball is clothed. This material has a lot of effects and determines a lot in the nature of your ball. This coverstock comes in three forms namely, polyester, urethane, and reactive resin. For the polyester materials which are also known as plastic materials, they look smooth in their outer surface and do not really rotate, unlike other bowling balls materials.

Also, this plastic material is the best choice for a player who wants his ball to go straight and hard. For players who want their ball to hook, urethane and reactive resin are the best options. It is important to know that the ability to hook ball varies with the material. For instance, urethane material allows your ball to hook throughout the lane, thereby only using its energy when it is about to hit. This ball material tends to be the best for dry lanes and spare balls.

The reactive resin material hooks your ball aggressively, thereby making them complicated to use. This ball material is the best option for oiled lanes. Balls with this material are ideal for amateur players. It is important to know that some bowling balls come with logos and several designs that do not add to the performance of the ball instead only makes the price of the ball to be high. So a player should not be deceived by these colors or designs.


Knowing the type of cores your bowling ball has is very relevant to choosing the right bowling ball to enhance your game. The core is a region inside the ball that helps to balance the weight imbalance caused by the finger hole in the ball. The cores being inside the ball makes it difficult to know everything about it and how it works entirely. So it is required you as a player to visit a professional bowling ball seller for more inform. Despite this, this article has some information to give on this core.

Firstly, your core can have a lightweight or heavy weight. While the heavyweight core makes your ball to hook at a very early stage of throw, the light weight makes your ball hook through the lane. Apart from this, this core has different types which are asymmetrical, symmetrical and pancake. If you want your ball to move from one angle to another with full motion or you have a target at a particular angle, then this ball core is the best option for you. For symmetrical core, it helps you to have full control over your ball without much stress, while the pancake core makes your ball roll straight and smooth thereby enhancing your game.

Lane Nature

The nature of your lane determines a lot in choosing the right bowling ball. Your lane can either be dry or oiled lane. This helps you to know either to go for a polished ball or a rough ball. Polished balls are the most suitable for dry lanes while rough balls sure the most suitable for oiled lanes. Oiled lanes, also, tends to make your ball skid especially if the ball is polished.

So it is advisable for you to know the nature of your lane before tossing your ball. You can inquire if your lane is oiled or dry from the staff in the bowling shop. If none is around during the time you want to play, you can determine this yourself. All you need to do is to toss the ball several times. It is important to know that oiled lane any be part that is, the whole lane oiled or partial oiled lane.

Most of the oiled lane bowling ball is not totally oiled. Some might have more oil on the center than the edge or vis-visa. The one with more oil at the edge tends to kid while the one at edge gives you more control over your ball.


This might look like a weird factor in choosing the right bowling ball. But the truth of the matter is that the color of your ball counts a lot in the nature of your game. Although a bowling ball with a good logo or attractive design only makes your game beautiful and elegant and does not add any effect to it. But it is important to know that a bright ball gives more confidence to a player than an ordinary ball.

Likewise, a good logo designed ball makes the audience to anticipate the outcome of your game thereby creating a conducive atmosphere for your ball. Nevertheless, a logo designed ball tends to be more expensive than the ordinary ball and most times do not perform any special function from them.