8 Best Table Tennis Robots of 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

Practice makes perfect is not an exception to ping pong. However, getting a partner whom you can rely on for training, through consistent play or shots can be difficult. It’s in such cases where ping pong tennis robots come into play.

Ping pong tennis robots are interactive machines that fireballs across the table to the player. They are super innovative, as they resemble humanoids, which utilize mathematical precision in predicting the lending position of the ball. Its margin error being approximately an inch, some of the robots are very advanced, thus are capable of performing various ping pong techniques such as curving and slicing.

Ping pong tennis robots, have a robotic consistency that helps you in improving the mechanics of your stroke. Nevertheless, purchasing the best tennis robot can be difficult, especially with the wide varieties to choose from. We, therefore, compile a list of some of the best ping pong tennis robots that you can choose from. Together with a buyer’s guide, not to forget FAQs to help you at that.

Top 8 Table Tennis Robots of 2019

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

To have a good stand in any tournament or to improve your skills, intense training is essential. The Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot can help you with this, the robot is highly functional, and it’s brimming with features of a tennis robot. The robot is highly reliable and equipped; it also enables you to adjust the throwing interval of the balls appropriately.

The robot’s Individual Frequency Controls (IFC) feature is used in adjusting ball throwing intervals. It also comes with a cycle mode that sets the robot to have breaks and pauses during practice. The Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot; has ball frequency control that enables setting the rate at which balls will be released. With the Amicus robot, you’re in a position of saving up to ninety-nine sequences on the robot.

The tennis robot has pre-exercise shots, wireless remote that offers control over the robot from a distance more easily. This allows you to control the frequency of the ball and turning on and off of the robot. The Amicus robot design is of premium quality with top-notch features, and it has low maintenance.

iPong Pro Table tennis Training Robot

The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot contains a wireless remote and an exciting oscillation. The tennis robot is simple and easy to utilize; it comes with high-quality features for training for absolute precision and ease. The table offers impressive swings to the ball, for instance, side to side oscillations.

The movement rate of the robot sets the frequency at which the balls are thrown. Consequently, allowing utilization of the table before you without a hassle. The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training robot turns in different directions while training. With its wired remote control, the robot’s activities can be controlled.  For instance, the change between the shot options and the set frequency of throwing balls towards you.

The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot can continuously throw up to a hundred balls. The robot has an unconventional feeder disc, which prevents the balls from getting jammed inside. It also comes with a high-quality motor and a shooting wheel. The tennis robot is made from high-quality, durable, long-lasting plastic.

Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine

When it comes to the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine, it enables an individual to play with the entire family. The robot is a worthy opponent for you and your family when it comes to the table tennis game. It also helps a player improve in table tennis, giving them the best experience while training or playing with family. This is due to its design; the tennis robot comes with side net that’s for recycling balls; hence, won’t need to refill your ball reservoir constantly.

The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 is, in most cases compatible with table tennis tables. The tennis robot delivers trajectory, speed, and spin to its user, testing you out like no other tennis robot in the market. It’s easy to travel or store the Robo-Pong 2040 tennis robot; it comes with four dozen of robot balls for your practice. The robot offers a wide selection of shots such as; serve, counter, fast loop, push, and chop.

HP-07 Ping Pong Robot

For the HP-07 Ping Pong Robot, it has thirty-six different spin balls for table tennis robots. The robot is an ideal unit that shoots balls for a basic training process, making it an excellent pick for beginners. The tennis robot is a simple, straightforward, and basic unit with a design of aluminum necessities. Hence, allowing you the opportunity of learning new strokes without entangled programming or set-up.

The Hp-07 Ping Pong Robot is capable of shooting different spin assortments and its assembled in different directions. The robot’s settings rely on a manual change of the barrel. The robot will continue discharging shot assortment until you physically change its design. In case you carry a hundred and ten ping pong balls, you won’t need to reload it often.

The robot has single-serve, and two-end serve choices accessible, its falling point isn’t fixed. It’s capable of completely making a topspin, sidespin, backspin, and mixes. Every turning gear in particular, which makes it simple to obtain an ideal spin. The position of the tennis robot can change according to your liking, by slowly turning the swing to allow movement and turning it off to maintain the position.

SmartPong Table Tennis Robot

When it comes to the SmartPong Table Tennis Robot, it’s ideal for serious players who require a robot that grows with their abilities. Although its price may be costly, the tennis robot almost does all that is expected from a ping pong tennis robot. The robot comes with four gameplay choices and the ability to set up spin, location, and speed independently. This enables the SmartPong Table Tennis Robot to challenge beginners to experienced players.

The infrared remote gives the tennis robot one power cord, which reduces the chance of breaking or snagging. The unit robot comes with spare parts for replacing components predisposed to wearing out; hence, extending its lifespan. The SmartPong Table tennis Robot offers a high scale of ability compared to other robots; it’s also a more expensive model in the market.

The remote control is considered unsophisticated for its price; the manual doesn’t explain the setting up process of necessary shots. This leads to trial and error in establishing one’s programs; irrespective of this, the SmartPong offers a robust robot.

The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot

The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot is a durable and sturdy robot with wheels set up, instead of direct attachment to the table. This makes the tennis robot ideal for clubs as it can move from table to table as required. The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro table Tennis Robot shines, due to its spin indicator and an LCD touchscreen. With the touchscreen, the robot can modify the thirty existing programs within the system, and possibly creating nine programs of your own.

The spin indicator is the more impressive feature, which is situated directly in line with the shooting head. This provides the player with a sign of the spin and shot coming, which is more like a human player. The tennis robot is user-friendly and durable, making it an excellent choice for clubs or coaches capable of getting the required investment for purchasing it.

Y&T V-988 Table Tennis Robot

When it comes to the Y&T V-988 Table Tennis Robot, which is also known as the Practice partner 50 Table Tennis Robot, its geared towards a school or club setting instead of individual users. The robot is durable and easy to move; it’s not programmable, just like other tennis robots. The V-988, however, is consistent and reliable in delivering crisp and firm shots.

For a beginner player, the robot delivers on every aspect required in refining the basics and will do so for years to come. The unit is ideal for a steady practicing partner; the price of the tennis robot makes it hard to justify its investment for a home player. However, for a coach or a club, the robot is great to start the players.

Power Pong 3000 Professional/ 100% Customer Satisfaction

The Power Pong 3000 professional Ping Pong Robot is an old ping pong robot that has analog buttons and switches. However, its consistency and performance are unmatched; the unit can compete with modern ping pong tennis robots. The tennis robot has three wheels that offer various variations in spins and speed.

The robot contains around eight buttons for programming it, to shoot balls according to the player’s preference. The Power Pong 3000 professional Ping Pong Robot is the only tennis robot worldwide that has a cluster memory feature. The cluster is capable of holding up to thirty-three ping pong balls. The tennis robot offers the players a real-time experience like no other.

The robot is particularly easy to assemble; the balls don’t jam up in the cluster or reservoir. Its speed and spin are a perfect combination of intensive training.

Buyer’s Guide On Purchasing The Best Ping Pong Tennis Robot

1. Level of the player

When you’re looking for a table tennis robot for practicing with, it’s vital to consider the level of player that you are. There are robots with a design of serving and returning the ball straight to you without special features. Such tennis robots are for practicing basic spins, ball striking, and keeping form. They are, in most cases, for players who are beginners.

There are other ping pong tennis robots, which are designed to simulate a real match situation. Theses tennis robots are more technical and more costly than the average one. They are an excellent pick for amateurs looking to upgrade their skills and for professional players.

2. Portability

Before purchasing a ping pong tennis robot, it’s essential to consider its portability. This is mainly dependent on where and how you’d want to utilize the machine. You can find robots that sit on table tennis tables, which makes it easier to transport them from one place to another depending on their weight. The tennis robots, in this case, contain a free-standing design.

You should also note; there are robots mounted on a particular spot. They, therefore, cannot move around except when you’re reinstalling or dismantling them to a new location. Such tennis robots are not practical and are also not convenient. You should, therefore, go for a portable one.

3. Source of power

When it comes to ping pong tennis robots, they can be powered with electricity or batteries. For electric machines, they come with a plug, which plugs into an electrical socket or outlet. The performance of the tennis robot is dependent on the amount of power input it receives. Therefore, electronic tennis robots are more powerful than battery-powered tennis robots.

An electric ping pong robot does a better job of delivering faster balls. They, however, can only be utilized in areas near to an electric socket, which limits its portability feature. On the other hand, battery-powered ping pong robots, run through the utilization of the battery life, they are more portable compared to electric robots.

4. Programmability

The programmability of a ping pong tennis robot is not as vital for a beginner as it is for a professional player. The programmability feature of a robot is crucial for professional players and amateurs looking to be serious. With a programmable machine, you have the options of customizing more drills, which is much needed to upgrade your skills.

However, it’s tough to secure a win against the robots, despite how hard you play. This is so as they are robots and you’re only human.

5. Budget

Just like any other product, the more it costs, the more it will do. When purchasing a tennis robot, keep this mind as you assess the machines. For instance, a ping pong tennis robot that costs $200 cannot be as good as one that costs $1000. Some brands come with multiple products going for different prices; some may be an upgrade. Therefore, pay attention to features that a robot has to offer, and then decide if you can live without some of the features; hence going for a low-level model.


1. Is a ping pong tennis robot effective in improving my skills?

Yes, it is, if it weren’t so, we wouldn’t be writing this review. With the machine, you’ll be able to upgrade your skills irrespective of your level whether you’re an amateur or a professional player. The machine tends to be a better option than a human partner, because; they hardly make mistakes and are consistent.

2. Are ping pong tennis robots suitable for both professional and newbies players?

Yes. Any individual can use ping pong tennis robots despite their level of play. The more you’ll practice with tennis the robots, the more you’ll notice a significant improvement in your games.

3. Where can I get table tennis robot exercises?

In case you have a sophisticated model like the Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot, it already has 20 drills pre-recorded just for your practice. You, therefore, don’t need to look anywhere else; however, if you have a less sophisticated model, then you can search tennis forum and experts websites for the drills to utilize while practicing.

4. Can you practice ping pong without a tennis robot?

Yes. You can practice ping pong with a real partner or by playing against the wall. However, ping pong tennis robots are better options as they are difficult to play against and allow you to hit more balls. Ping pong tennis robots are a more practical and effective option that you can opt for.

Final thoughts

The more advanced tennis robots are ideal for professionals; however, if you’re a newbie not to worry as there’s something for you too. Ensure that you purchase a robot that matches your level of play whether you’re a newbie or a professional for effective performance. From the above review, you can now be able to purchase the best ping pong tennis robot more easily than before. Have in mind factors such as; portability, budget, and programmability among others to help you purchase the best ping pong tennis robot.