8 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

Ping pong is an excellent way of getting closer to your family, friends, coworkers and even for shedding a few pounds. The game helps in increasing your reflexes, concentration, and allowing you to have fun in the process. You will require a ping pong table whether you’re playing for entertainment or competitive games.

Ping pong tables are of different types, we, therefore, compiled a list of the best indoor and outdoor ping pong tables; that you can purchase. The tables are not only affordable, but they are also high-quality. We also provide a buyer’s guide to help you know the factors to look at before making a purchase.

Top Indoor Ping Pong Tables

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table

Are you looking for the best recreational ping pong table? Then the JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table is what you need. The ping pong table is designed for individuals who are non-professionals players to help them in improving their performance. With the JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table, you can be able to show off your skills to your family, friends, and even coworkers.

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table has 15mm surface of charcoal painted medium density fiberboard (MDF). The table comes with a full polyurethane paint procedure that corrects ball scratches and marks. The legs are flexible with adjustable feet that allow effortless leveling off the table throughout a match, its design of fold under the tabletop gives it’s a compact storage.

The table contains corner ball holder, capable of holding as much as three 40mm of ping pong balls. This is particularly vital for players as it enables a continuous play. The ping pong table comes with five years warranty period. It has an easy assembly and folding option, not to forget a wheel away space saver system.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table is designed for individuals, looking to recreate ping pong tournament games at home. The table has an easy setup and can also be easily stored away; it’s almost completely assembled, making it easier to play the game at home. The table contains rolling casters at the bottom which allows you to roll the table to where you want.

Stiga Advantage Tennis Table has the post set clamp feature, which prevents movement of the net. The table has a thick top that has a screen printed surface, capable of withstanding the hardest shots without scratching or chipping. In case you’re looking for a ping pong table, which is suitable for adults and kids, the Stiga Advantage table is your ideal choice.

Killerspin MyT5 Premium Table

When it comes to Killerspin MyT5 Premium Table, it provides a tournament level of playing; the unit can fold for practice capabilities or storage. The Killerspin MyT5 Premium Table pricing has a favorable comparison with other models in line with its class. The table’s quality and feature are similar to other ping pong tables that go for a higher price.

The design of the Killerspin MyT5 Premium Table is made to make it a centerpiece in the game room. This is due to its sturdy frame and the color options it offers; the table comes with a 15mm density of a fiberboard top, which provides a consistent, long-lasting play. The fiberboard top has a resilience that is in high-end ping pong tables.

The ping pong table can be quickly folded for storage or practice with less hassle. The table contains a sturdy solid steel frame, which is light enough as it allows movement on the eight casters. The price of the MyT5 is similar to that of a high-end entry-level of sports equipment.

Cornilleau 500M Indoor Table

The first thing you’ll notice about the Cornilleau 500M Indoor ping pong table is its unique look. The ping pong table contains an arched design on its legs; it also has unique support in the industry, particularly for the mobile units. The arcs have a chipboard playing surface and its 7/8 inches thick, this gives the model a solid energy return.

The Cornilleau 500M Indoor table has a DSI security system, which allows easy opening and closing of the sports equipment; hence, preventing accidents while storing. The table is easily moved and stored, which makes it an ideal consideration for any committed professional player with less space for keeping the table. The ping pong table has an excellent bounce of 7mm Laminate Surface, it has a galvanized steel frame, and it’s durable.

Top Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table

When it comes to the JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table, it’s more suited for outdoor storage compared to a permanent outdoor unit. The ping pong table provides outside play at a very pocket-friendly price. With its support and 30mm steel tube frame, the table is in a position of handling whatever mother nature throws at it.

At the top of the JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table frame, is the 6mm thick plastic and aluminum composite surface, which is resistant to chipping from playing and the weather. However, due to its lightweight, you may not want to leave it outside during windy or stormy weather. Fortunately, the table has a framework with wheels of three-inch for easy movement in case the need arises. Setting-up of the table is no hassle as it has a quick setup.

Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table

For the Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table, it’s a foldable model which is made for withstanding outdoor conditions. The table comes with a durable frame and playing surface that withstands frequent utilization, making it an excellent choice for a family due to its years of usage. The table has an aluminum-plastic surface which is painted. This prevents the table’s surface from warping, which usually occurs in wooden models that experience weather elements.

The Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table lacks the same bounce as in wooden models; the table plays faster with shallow rebounds. This ping pong table is also lightweight, hence, may not be able to handle stormy or windy conditions. Its construction is sturdy enough to prevent bending if it’s flipped, it’s also vital to note, the table is rust-resistant and portable.

Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Table

The Cornilleau pro 510 Outdoor Table is designed to be a permanent outdoor fixture; its set up is made for the tournament all year round. The table has a similar innovative design that other Cornilleau models have; it’s, however, made to have a set up at one particular place. Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Table contains a high-quality 7mm MATTOP table top of resin laminate finish, which can withstand weather conditions like glare and sunlight.  The ping pong table is also capable of providing an indoor quality play experience.

This ping pong table comes with permanent tamper-proof steel net; it sits on a structural galvanized steel frame with secured feet to the ground. This table is more convenient for parks, campgrounds, and institutions; it’s also ideal for a homeowner looking for a permanent fixture for their outdoor recreation.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table

The Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table combines style with a portable and functional table. This outdoor table draws attention to itself due to its edgy and lightweight design. Its lightweight design makes it more mobile compared to the typical outdoor utilization table. The Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table weights 145 pounds; each of the table’s side separates for easy movement of the table.

The ping pong table has a playing surface with a thickness of 1/6 inches plastic and aluminum blend, which makes it play faster and have more spins compared to a typical table, even with the absence of expected bounce. The weight of the table can, however, be a drawback; this is because; the table seems to be the kind kept in a shed and brought outside when needed, instead of being outside full time.

This ping pong table comes with a quick assembly of about 15 minutes of setting it up, and it also has a premium weatherproof clip-on net and post system.

Buyer’s Guide On Purchasing The Best Ping Pong Table

1. Outdoor or Indoor

Before purchasing a ping pong table, you should consider whether you need an indoor or outdoor ping pong table. For an indoor table, check to ensure that you have enough space for a full-size table, will you have it at the office, attic or game room. You can opt for an outdoor table to take advantage of the available space outside.

If you’re planning to set up the ping pong table in a garage or shed, then an outdoor table would be ideal. This is because, an indoor table in such cases will warp more quickly with time; as humidity is damaging to indoor tables. When it comes to outdoor tables, they come in different varieties; however, they have something in common.  Their legs and support are rust-proof; they also have a playing surface that is water-proof.

With the features that outdoor ping pong tables have, it ensures they don’t warp, get damaged or discolored easily. If you’re not planning to play outside most of the time, then it’s recommended to get an indoor table. An indoor table can be used to play ping pong outside when the weather is good.

2. Storage Space

In case you have enough space for playing table tennis comfortably, you should consider the storage space for the table. You may prefer to have the table open when you’re done playing; however, you may require the space for something else when you’re done playing.

Not to forget the fact that not all individuals have the luxury of assigning a whole room for recreational purposes. In such instances, a table tennis table that can be collapsed or folded is ideal. This is exceptionally accommodating when the room is required for something else. For fixed tables, the set remains open throughout; however, for a folding table, it has easy packaging and storage. You should also go for a table with wheels, which allows you to slide them in a corner or closet easily.

3. Budget

Ping pong tables price range from a few hundred dollars for the cheapest model, to thousands of dollars for a more premium model. Going for a particular brand of the table is a personal preference; however, for the functionality of the table, there are great choices in the market. If you’re looking for a decent experience from the ping pong tables, then it shouldn’t cost you more than $700. This table is perfect for casual players or occasional family sports day.

The nets are also a vital aspect in a match; in this aspect go for quality instead of its cost. Clip-on nets offer a lot when it comes to adjustment or accuracy. Retractable nets can be adjusted to suit different sizes of ping pong tables; nevertheless, they aren’t stable for a serious play. When purchasing a ping pong table, ensure you buy a table within your budget; don’t make a whole into your pockets.

4. Frame’s Strength

When purchasing a ping pong table, look at the steel frame as its one of the essential characteristics to look at. This is because; steel lasts longer and it’s more durable than aluminum. Majority of ping pong tables’ manufacturers utilize powder coated undercarriage, which prevents rust.

Consider the structure of the table before going ahead to make a purchase. Focus on the table’s capacity strength, can it take a lot of weight load and provide heavy-duty support. This is vital as the tables face extra force when you’re either playing with your family or friends continuing matches. This makes proper frame strength essential for maximum support.

5. Surface Thickness

Most tennis experts believe that standard thickness and quality of a ping pong table helps in the dynamism of the ball bouncing. If you need to improve on your table tennis skills, then it’s vital to be conscious of the structure of the table’s playing surface and its effect on game performance.  For instance, a thickness of 25mm offers quality on playing spins and ball bounce.

The table’s support that is under the table top needs to be even as it affects the performance of the bounce quality of the table. There are table tops that offer a thickness of 15mm to 19mm; they are less expensive and ideal for beginners; however, they don’t provide quality ball bounce. For professional players, a thickness of 22mm to 25mm is perfect as it offers quality bounce on the ball.


1. Do you need a ping pong table?

Having a ping pong table at home is an excellent way of ensuring you get enough practice. This is especially the case for professional players. It’s also an exceptional means of recreational activities for you and your family and with friends. Not to forget it offers a great workout alternative as it increases your metabolism rate helping you to burn calories.

2. What’s the correct wheel size for ping pong tables?

The 125mm is the most common wheel diameter for a ping pong table; however, the wheel size differs according to your table’s size. Junior tables have smaller wheels; other ping pong tables have adjustable feet as an alternative to wheels. This provides a level playing surface even if the table is on an uneven surface.

3. How to maintain a ping pong table?

When it comes to a ping pong table, it requires utmost care while handling it, keep the playing surface clean free from dust. Utilizing harsh chemicals is also not recommended as it damages the table’s surface, instead clean it using a simple mix of vinegar and water with a soft cloth with gentle movement. Ensure that you remove the net before cleaning the table, and you can utilize protective covers to keep the surface free from dust.

Final thoughts

With the above review, whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor ping pong table, you can select one of the best ping pong tables in the market from the list above. Whether you’re going for an outdoor or indoor table, they are both designed for recreational purposes for you, your family, friends, and coworkers. However, before purchasing the ping pong table, there are factors that you need to bear in mind; for instance, the strength of the frame and your budget, among others.