8+ Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

When it comes to ping pong paddles, they are not the same; they can determine whether you’ll have a loss or a win. A ping pong paddle is also known as a table tennis racket officially. Currently, there are hundreds of table tennis rackets in the market, choosing one can be overwhelming even if you’re not a beginner.

Improving or elevating your ping pong game requires the right table tennis racket. In this review, we’ve looked at some of the best ping pong paddles that you can pick. There’s also a guide to help you in selecting the best ping pong racket.

Top 8 Ping Pong Paddles of 2019

Stiga Pro Carbon

The Stiga Pro Carbon ping pong paddles are for intermediate level players. The paddle has some of the sophisticated designs available in the higher-end paddles; however, its price goes for an upper middle range. The Stiga paddle is appropriate for players getting serious with their table tennis.

This paddle utilizes a 7-ply blade; two of the plies are made of carbon fiber, which makes the paddle rigid while returning shots and reducing weight. The Stiga Pro Carbon offers a top-level spin gathering a rate of ten. This makes the racket very impressive due to its lightweight feature while playing. The blade provides the racket with a 9.9 speed; therefore, if you require an offensively-aligned game, the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle is what you need.

The Stiga Pro Carbon paddle has an impressive feature as it offers professional quality play; that’s at a quarter the price of a more professional caliber racket. However, as the rubber degrades, the quality of the paddle also degrades. Most users report that the speed remains and you’ll only require replacing the rubber, after a few months of utilization. The Stiga Pro Carbon paddle rubber is ITTF approved, and its carbon technology is for speed and power.

Killerspin JET200

The Killerspin JET200 is also another excellent entry-level ping pong paddle; it’s ideal for a beginner player looking to get serious. The racket’s design is for learning basic strokes and perfecting your ball control. This ping pong contains a better control; the Killerspin is new to ping pong equipment; however, it already has a reputation of delivering aggressively styled and high-quality paddle at affordable prices.

The Killerspin JET200 paddle uses wood in their 5-ply blade, which is capable of holding up well. The paddle contains high-quality rubber as it’s fresher than its competitors. This gives the racket more control without compromising its spin than other paddle products at a similar level. This paddle contains a lower speed rating for a professional paddle; however, for players who require improving and controlling their game, it’s an excellent choice.

DHS Hurricane II

When it comes to the DHS Hurricane II ping pong paddle, it’s an excellent choice for individuals with Asian or shakehand style in gripping the paddle. This paddle is more of a professional caliber model, which makes its high price point more palatable for the target market. The paddle is from a Chinese company making it a bit obvious why the racket’s design is that of an Asian style of play.

The DHS Hurricane II paddle has a rubber that gives it slickness for greater spin. Its lightweight offers the player a feeling of control on the paddle. The rubber on the paddle loses its tackiness faster, its, however, an excellent choice for players who require a lot of spins. It also has Landson wrist support and an all-around fitted play.

Butterfly 401

Are you a player early in the development of your gameplay? Then the Butterfly 401 ping pong paddle is great for you. The paddle goes for a lower end on the mid-range price, its ideal for players who want to develop a balanced game, and in the process maintaining their monetary investment particularly low.

One of the best features of the paddle is its durability; the paddle is reported to maintain its tackiness for a longer time than a typical racket at its price. The blade of the Butterfly 401 design is well enough to enable it to hold up to the beating the equipment faces. The paddle; however, lacks in its play balance, most paddles provide more control than the Butterfly 401 paddle.

It also comes with a smaller handle than the average size, which makes it difficult for players with larger hands to utilize it. The paddle is ITTF approved with a great sponge and rubber, its tournament approved. The Butterfly 401 paddle has a special Butterfly Yuki tennis rubber for it’s built.

Palio Expert 2

In case you’re an advanced beginner, the Palio Expert 2 ping pong paddle is ideal for you. Palio Expert 2 provides enough ability to generate spin. Therefore, due to the paddle’s ability to generate control and decent speed, you’ll be able to improve your play faster.

The premium Chinese rubbers make the paddle special, for instance, the Palio CJ8000 rubbers offer massive generation of spins as they’re very sticky. The paddle is custom built, you can, therefore, purchase them separately. When the rubber sides wear out, you can replace them; the Palio Expert 2 provides an excellent balance between control and speed. The racket’s power is enough to send the ball to the other side with less effort and maintaining safety in your shots.

If you’re looking for the best racket to help you get better fast in your game, then the Palio Expert 2 is what you need. The paddle has a carrying case with no additional cost, which will enable you to maintain your racket dust free; hence, retaining its ability in offering spin.

Sport Game Pro JT-700 Ping Pong  Paddle

When it comes to the Sports Game Pro JT-700 Ping Pong Paddle, it’s not an ITTF approved; it, therefore, cannot be used in tournament play. This is because of its off yellow color, its, however, suitable for beginners and recreational players. The paddle offers aggressive performance and teaches you techniques, and it comes at a budget-friendly price.

The Sports Game pro JT-700 paddle design is of a dovetail handle and 5-plywood blade, this offers reasonable control, and it’s quite comfortable. It has a 2mm rubber that’s on top of 2mm sponges, which offers you spin and speed and absorbs your opponents hard and fast serves. The racket comes with a differing finish on both sides; its yellow rubber is sticky that offers a powerful spin. The black side on the other side is smooth and works effectively for hard serves.

The two different sides on the paddle can be confusing when learning how to handle the paddle; however, it enables players to know different modes of playing. The paddle works great for penhold players; they offer hard hits thanks to their above average weight.

MightySpin Storm Ping Pong Paddle

Are you a beginner player, looking to advance into an intermediate level player? Then the MightySpin Storm Ping Pong Paddle is what you need. The paddle is ideal for learning techniques when you’re playing or need to improve your serves, returns, and control. With its flared handle, the paddle is comfortable and provides varied hand grip approaches.

The MightySpin Storm Ping Pong Paddle features a 7-ply poplar wood for rigidity and durability. This gives you a nice consistency with your strikes. The 1.7mm rubber offers control and speed over your spins; you’ll still be able to make a spin on your forehands and backhands, which gives you an advantage over your opponent. The MightySpin Storm Racket is cheap, durable and can be used by advancing and beginning players.

Killerspin Jet600 Table Tennis Paddle

The Killerspin Jet600 Table Tennis Paddle is great for individuals playing for recreational but looking to get serious. The paddle is available to beginners, and it performs well enough for tournament play. Its manufacturers achieve low weight with its 6mm 5-plywood blade, which is layered thinly.

The Nitrx-4Z 2mm rubber is on both sides of the racket and can be changed when it wears out.  With this feature, you can be able to achieve spins even on returns. The paddle comes in a box which makes it a great gift; it has no protective cover and tape for protecting the blade’s edge.

You can be able to notice a strong response in your grip, even on changing your grip slightly. This provides a nuanced play; however, you’ll to develop your grip technique for maximum control.

Buyer’s Guide On Purchasing The Best Ping Pong Paddle

1. Playing Style

The main factor in getting the right ping pong paddle is knowing the style of player that you are. If you a beginner player, you should go for a paddle that’s in the middle of the road than one that is of a specific style. This is essential as you’re developing as a player, hence, whether you’re a shakehand or penhold, defensive or offensive player and your grip will come into play. A higher-end paddle offers more power than what a beginner can handle.

2. Power

When it comes to power, it reflects the hardness of the material utilized the handle and blade of the racket. It also shows the padding utilized in between the rubber surfaces of the blade and paddle. The blades are laminated wood that is glued together, at times using carbon fiber or a thin layer of fiberglass sandwiched between layers, to offer less absorption of energy and lightweight.

Power rating is a measure of the energy absorption when returning a shot, the higher number, the lesser power absorbed, thus offering a stronger return. A disadvantage of a higher power rating is the cost of control of shots, it’s therefore, less preferred by players who use defensive style while playing. Offensive players, on the other side, prefer a higher power that is rated at 9s.

3. Spin

For the spin, it’s all about the installation and the quality of the rubber; a lighter blade can improve your spins. Most players, whether you’re a defensive or offensive, require a paddle that offers spin as returning shots becomes difficult. A paddle with a higher spin has the pips of the rubber facing the blade, which gives room for the ball to be struck using a smooth surface.

Paddles with a high spin are light in weight, which enables you to have fine manipulation on your racket. Rackets that have a high control rating, they have a similar rating in a spin.

4. Control

The next thing that you ought to consider before purchasing the best ping pong paddle is its control. The control of the paddle shows how a paddle can strike a ball, and the period the paddle is capable of holding the ball when hitting it. This is mainly due to the padding thickness, direction of the pips, and the rubber’s quality on the face of the rubber.

The tackier your paddle’s rubber is, the more control you’ll have on the shots, which results in better placement on returns. A few millimeters of foam offers more control; this, however, is at the expense of power. Lastly, if your paddle’s rubber pips face outwards, you’ll be able to have more grips while striking the ball. This is at the cost of spin, for defensive players, who opt for high control paddles.

5. Materials

Before purchasing a ping pong paddle, consider the material utilized. You, however, don’t need to think hard about it, as with time your paddle eventually wears out and requires replacement, mainly if you use it regularly. You can check the brand’s reputation before purchasing a racket, to ensure that the material utilized is of good quality.

A racket contains an average of 85% wood, the other percentage being a combination or material like glass or carbon fiber. A paddle also comes with rubber covering, check the quality of the racket and its attachment. This is vital as the paddle won’t be as important if its rubber comes off.


1. How to maintain your ping pong paddle?

When it comes to a table tennis paddle, it doesn’t require maintenance for the racket to maintain its durability and quality. However, maintaining a paddler is not difficult as such; you’ll need water and regular soap for wiping dirt off and any other thing. You’ll also need replacement of the worn-out rubber, after some time of utilization.

2. How can I pick the best ping pong paddle?

While selecting which ping pong paddle is best for you, you ought to check at the different aspects that the racket offers. Some of the key aspects that you need to look at is control, speed, and spin; ensure that you decide on the aspects considering the kind of player that you are.

3. What rubber thickness should I go for?

When it comes to rubber thickness, it varies from one paddle to another. While selecting your rubber thickness, it’s vital to consider the style of player that you are. Most players go with a thickness of 1.5mm on rubber rackets. If you’re an offensive player, then a thickness of 2.0mm would be ideal for you.

4. What kind of gameplay style should I adopt?

The kind of style you’ll adopt while playing ping pong is all dependent on you. For instance, if your skills are on the attacking style, then you can be an attacking player. Hence, go for a racket that meets your kind of style while playing. Nevertheless, if you’re on the defensive style, then a ping pong paddle that has a higher spin and control would be ideal.

5. Is a ping pong paddle best for beginners?

If you’re a beginner in ping pong and desire to learn about table tennis, then the Sports Game Pro is ideal for you. This is because the paddle has simple features with a long lifespan.

Final thoughts

With the above review on the best ping pong paddles that you can purchase, we hope finding the best racket that meets your budget and requirements is will be easier. While selecting your paddle, be careful as it greatly affects your gameplay and the shots you’ll be making. When going for a table tennis racket, ensure to check that its speed, control, and style among others are a perfect fit for you.