10 Best Bowling Bags in 2019 [Reviews & Guide]

Bowling bags are vital when you need to carry bowling equipment. Getting the right bowling bag will, therefore, ensure that your bowling equipment is safely getting to the alley for your game.

There are many bowling bags in the market and to find the best is not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, to make your search easier, we have sampled some of the best and nicely designed bowling bags to meet your needs. Keep reading.

Top 10 Bowling Bags in 2019

Storm Bowling Products 2 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag – Black/Gray/Lime

Storm products are of outstanding quality, reliable and affordable; the 2 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag is not an exception. It is well built, has sturdy zippers and offers space for two bowling balls each in its cage.

The telescopic handle and the big wheels make it easy to roll the bag from your vehicle and through the alley smoothly. The bag’s broad base also makes the bag very stable to reel.

This bag has ample storage for accessories and shoes of up to size 15 men’s shoes. The bag’s handle retracts easily and extends to the required size. It also has three handles, two to help lift in and out of the car, and a top one for a hand carry.

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

Deluxe Double Roller is one of the best bags is one of the best you will find in the market. It is well constructed with durable polyester to fit two balls and a pair of bowling shoes up to size 15. This bag’s ball cup has a padded divider to prevent the two balls from rubbing against each other.

Carrying an extra bag is not necessary; the oversized side accessories compartment is enough storage for your accessories.

For smooth movement and stability, this bag comes with a broader wheelbase of 3-inch wheels. You can, therefore, pull it smoothly in and out of the alley. You also don’t have to stress lifting it on and off your vehicle; a padded pickup handle helps to lift comfortably.

If you decide to buy this bag, you can be sure of enjoying its excellent quality, at an affordable price and a two years warranty.

Hammer Premium Deluxe Double Tote Bowling Bag

The Premium Deluxe Double tote bag is a 2-ball storage classic bowling bag which offers ease and comfort when carrying bowling equipment. The bag’s quality is also top-notch since it is made using 600D/840D high-quality materials which makes it highly durable.

It also comes with customized and robust hammer design zippers and in 2 different colors, Black/Carbon, and Black/Orange.

Although the bag is heavy and a lot heavier when loaded, the padded carry handles and removable non-slip padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry.

This bag has the three separate pouches which offer enough space for extras.

KAZE SPORTS 3 Ball Bowling Roller

The Kaze Sports 3 Ball Bowling Roller is tastefully designed, has spacious room for three bowling balls, six pockets and a mesh pouch for any other accessories. It also has a shoe compartment where you can carry your bowling shoes.

This bag can carry three balls in deep plastic cups each separated using padded separator which helps to prevent the balls’ from rubbing against each other.

The handle can be extended up to 41.5 inches, retracts without struggle and is an excellent choice for taller people. The wheels are large and smooth and handle bumpy terrain effortlessly.

Even when fully loaded, the bag’s high-quality zippers will not disappoint. The overall build quality is excellent, and the price is also pocket-friendly.

BSI Pro Double Ball Tote Bag

BSI Pro Double Ball Tote Bag is designed to carry two balls and is a great bag of choice. It is sturdy and spacious enough to carry your balls and the rest of the gear needed for your game. It comes with a separate compartment to accommodate shoes men’s size 18. For other personal items, it has a personal organizer pocket.

The ball pockets are heavily padded to keep the contents safe and secure. The reinforced handles are designed to endure wear and tear, giving the bag a longer lifespan.

The bag has an adjustable, and detachable shoulder strap which makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry.

BSI Pro Double Ball Tote Bag is a durable bowling bag to carry your bowling activities equipment. It also comes at friendly prices and a one year warranty.

Storm Thunder 6 Ball Bowling Bag Roller

Here comes Storm Thunder 6 Ball Bowling Bag Roller, a bag that carries up to six bowling balls. This bag is exquisite and has excellent features convenient for you to either carry it at full capacity or detach a 2-ball tote to carry in your hands or shoulders.

The bag also has a shoe compartment which is part of the detachable tote.  Its wide wheels with eight spokes and bearing in it, and stand provide stability needed to support the content’s weight. It is also easy to access the balls from the front loading area.

Its telescopic handle makes it easy to pull up and down. The three separate bags makes it less bulky although when in one piece it might look otherwise.

The bag comes in Plaid/Gray/Black color and a warranty of 5 years.

KR Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag

If you like a smooth and quiet roll, the KR Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag will be the best choice. It is an upgraded version of KR’S two ball roller bowling bag. The urethane wheels with bearings make this bag a smooth and quiet roller.

This bag allows you to carry two pairs of shoes in its separate top shoe compartment. For your accessories, there is enough space inside accessory pocket.

The Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag’s handle can be extended up to 36 inches to help you drag the bag smoothly. However, it is more suitable for shorter people than 6’.

The bag comes with a limited five-year warranty.

Hammer Double Bowling Ball Tote Bag

The Hammer Double Bowling Ball Tote Bag is a two bowling ball bag, but can also carry a few other items comfortably. If your shoe size is 15, the side compartment has enough space to fit.

The side zippered accessory pouch can also be used to carry your watches, phones, and other personal items.

The bag’s padded handles are superb features which make it comfortable to lift and carry. It also has heavily padded removable shoulder straps that are very comfortable and durable.

This bag is undeniably durable as it is made using heavy-duty materials. It is very well constructed, and compact.

The Hammer Double Bowling Ball Tote Bag is an affordable bag and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe 1 Ball Bowling Bag

If you want to carry a single bowling ball for your game, then this bag will suit your need perfectly. With large side pocket, you will comfortably fit shoes up to US men’s size 15.

The heavy-duty denier construction at 600/840 Denier, makes it durable, stable and one of the best bowling bags you will find in the market.

The bag’s straps are adjustable and comfortable to use when carrying the bag. If you opt not to use the straps, you can use the bag’s side handles. The side handles will allow you to carry the bag in the position you are comfortable. The bag is also easy to carry and will easily fit in your vehicle and ball locker.

The bag is cost-friendly, and you can get to choose your favorite color from the variety of colors available.

BSI Triple Ball Roller Bag, Black/Yellow

BSI Triple Ball Roller Bag is designed to carry three bowling balls, which sit in a padded pocket. The bag has spacious compartments to accommodate your bowling shoes up to size 18. There are also compartments where you can keep other items such as towels, watches, gloves, and cell phones.

The bowling balls each have their ball cups in the pockets which are padded to prevent friction on each other.

The bag has a unique handle which when the bag is in horizontal position it aids in lifting it from the ground. The handle is extendable and is suitable for taller bowlers. The wheels are small and more ideal for smoother surfaces.

This bag comes in five colors blended on black. It is also very affordable; you won’t have to break a bank!

Final Thought

If you want to carry your bowling equipment safely and conveniently, you will require a bowling bag. However, to find a bag that works for you, you need to consider, the quality, size and how regular you use the bag among other features for your convenience. Try any of the bags discussed above and get that precious ball safely to your game!