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Chip Sarafin: First Active D-I College Football Player To Publicly Come Out

From ESPN yesterday: Arizona State offensive lineman Edward “Chip” Sarafin told Compete Magazine that he is gay, becoming the first active Division I college football player to come out publicly. Like former Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, Sarafin came out to his team before going public. “It was really personal to me and it benefited my peace of mind greatly,” Sarafin told Compete Magazine — a Tempe, Arizona-based LGBT sports publication — of revealing his sexual orientation to teammates this past spring. So, like Sam, the team didn’t fall to pieces once they knew there was a gay player amongst them. Amazing. Yes, it will be a nice day when players being honest in public about

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Tomorrow: Watch Mo’Ne Davis Play Ball

You should know who Mo’Ne Davis is. In case you don’t… From Travis Waldron at ThinkProgress: Mo’Ne Davis struck out six batters and allowed just three hits Sunday in leading Philadelphia’s Taney Youth Baseball Association to a berth in the Little League World Series. But the reason Davis is such a big story coming into this week’s World Series is only partially explained by the batters who keep swinging and missing. The other reason Davis stands out among the crowd of young ballplayers who will descend on Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the next few days? She’s a girl. Davis, a 5-foot-4 eighth grader, boasts a 70 mile-per-hour fastball and induced a game-ending double-play

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Excuse My Cynicism…

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported: The NFL is considering toughening its penalties for players who commit acts of domestic violence, including a potential one-year ban for a second offense, according to multiple people familiar with the league’s recent deliberations. ORLY? According to vague reports that NFL may now do something about domestic violence. One of the sources for the piece said this: “We need to have stricter penalties,” said one person with knowledge of the league’s deliberations on the matter. “I think you will see that. I believe the commissioner and others would like to see stricter penalties. We need to be more vigilant.” That person said Goodell and the

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As Read On ESPN: Jalen Mills Returns to LSU

“Mills regrets causing distraction” BATON ROUGE, La. — Although he did not get into specifics about his still-open legal case, LSU safety Jalen Mills said Sunday that he regrets putting his teammates and coaches in a bad position with his June arrest. Speaking publicly for the first time since his arrest for allegedly hitting a woman and knocking her unconscious in May, Mills said at LSU’s media day Sunday that it has been a painful learning experience. [...] Just in time for preseason practice, Miles lifted the safety’s suspension Monday, ending a lengthy banishment from all team activities. Earlier that day, the East Baton Rouge Parish district attorney had announced Mills would be charged

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Returning To The Football Field In Steubenville

News broke yesterday that “Ma’Lik Richmond, one of two teens convicted in the rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, is back on the roster of the Steubenville Big Red football team.” It’s been only two years since the arrests of Richmond and fellow Big Red teammate, Trent Mays, for the rape of a girl in Steubenville. It’s important to remember that even after the boys arrests, no one cared about this case. Alexandria Goddard, a former Steubenville resident and a blogger, dug up everything she could off of the internet and started relentlessly pushing the story from her own site. Her account of her own experience being at the

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Weeping For Sports Media

UPDATE: I wrote the post below right before I went to bed and now that I’ve slept on it, I want to add a short bit. First, it’s not clear WHAT caused the scale down of SOE beyond USA Today doing a restructuring of its print and online journalism, and dropping SOE in the process. Second, sports media sucks for women and instead of places shrugging their shoulders at that and saying, “BOOBS SELL and that’s all women are really good for” maybe fucking do something to actually change the cesspool of sexism you actively participate in and make your living off of. Ok, I’m still mad, even after sleeping

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